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Luckily, I am still alive - for those of you who give a shit.

I've just been working locally and on more traditional works as of lately.

I suppose I should log into DA more and see what the world is up to, I try to

keep up with everything but I fail .. terribly! Thanks for everything guys, and

for all of the favorites and messages, much love :heart:

Facebook -…
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Hey guys, long time no talk - I've not been able to play on Deviant Art as much as I'd like these days.

If you would like to stay in touch (which I've gotten several notes) you're welcome to add me on Facebook.

Art page… and from there you can find my personal.

Thanks so much for the crazy awesome notes, comments, favs and all the support - you guys are still damn awesome!

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Oil Pastels

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 18, 2010, 12:36 PM

So, it's nearing the end of my massive OP drawing/painting and I was curious ...
Does anyone use oil pastels and if so, do you use sealers or fixatives? I have
gotten so many mixed reviews on them, all are vague really. I do hear that they
change the colors but luckily I've worked in black and whites. So, any input on a
black and white OP drawing on canvas in welcome considering I am against framing.

Thanks for all of the favorite adds, comments and all the love :heart:

- Ash

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So ...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 28, 2010, 9:54 AM

I was nominated for the best local artist in my area by the
People's Choice Awards and the major newspaper, The Tennessean.
It turns out ... I won due to all of the voters. I hear I won
by a landslide, which is odd since there are so many fabulous
artists here. Anyways, thank you to everyone who chose me to
represent TN, it means a lot to me. When I have the article and
interview scanned I'll post the picture - it was fun.

Since I haven't been on much in the past few months I also want
to say thanks for all of the fav adds as well as comments. I'm
slack-assing on my messages majorly. You guys rock!

:heart: Ash

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Nominated For Best Local Artist

Journal Entry: Thu May 27, 2010, 9:00 AM

I’m not one for self-promotion yet I think I may try my hand
at it. I was nominated for best local artist here in Nashville.
If you want to vote, here is the link. Thank you for those of
you who do, also, for those of you who showed concern for
my last journal entry. We’re doing A-ok now! I should have
more work up in the following month, a break after all of
the exhibits was needed desperately. I hope you guys are
doing great and I look forward to seeing your new works.

-Ash Sivils

Link To Vote -…

I just read that you can vote daily

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Nashville Flood 2010

Journal Entry: Wed May 5, 2010, 1:20 AM
Update: We are still alive and doing well here at my home.
        My art friends and I have put together an art benefit.
        The president will be proclaiming TN a disaster area,
        we desperately need the funds. I'm updating on all of
        my pages online, thank you for being so supportive,
        it's just amazing how much everyone is pulling together!

East Nashville Art Blog -…

Nashville Flood Relief Art Sho by ashsivils

Today, I feel very thankful to be alive and dry.
My entire city and all cities around me have been
flooded. The majority of our homes are under water
as well as many Nashville businesses. It's very very
surreal to see this place underwater. It happened so
quickly, no one saw it coming until it was too late.
I've been watching the news for days and trying to
contact family and friends. Luckily, they are all
alive. Several people lost their lives, in and around
Nashville. This is one serious case of PMS that Mother
Nature has acquired. My home is dry and stable, I am very
lucky, although we are trapped here. There will be an
art show to benefit, donations will be sent to our
Red Cross chapter.

CNN -…


Reflective Images Of The Flood By C. Sutton.

Bottle Half Full by SomeGusLow Tides Arise by SomeGusA Single Drop by SomeGus

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 23, 2010, 12:17 PM

Note: This is not my journal entry, I am passing this along to
those of you who haven't heard (as it was passed along to me).
I have signed, donated and now I am passing this along to you.
We shouldn't be surprised by any of this, “moral corruptions"?
If this is the case, Hollywood should be paying dearly. Movies,
television, radio and books should also be found guilty, which
we know that will never happen. Parents corrupt children more
than anything, so, really? Is this serious, yes, it is as pathetic
as it sounds. Show some support to a fellow artist by signing his
petition so he can continue to create.

WTF by: :iconm-m-f:

Nice headline and it tells exactly what I am thinking at the moment. Today I saw the journal from PorcelainPoet telling about InnerDepravity who is facing a lawsuit because of his art.

Now I really ask you: Can art be too extreme? As long it IS art and not real where is the problem? Corruption of morality? WTF! :rage:

In my opinion ART can´t be too extreme. I support him and had signed his petition. Short and easy. And I also will give him a feature in this journal :D

And for those who want to know more about this:… and the petition is here:…


Ok, that is all at the moment. Hope you are doing well :D

Mature Content

burnout6 by InnerDepravity
hand2 by InnerDepravitymutan1 by InnerDepravity

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RIP Peter Steele

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 15, 2010, 6:16 PM

Something I have feared for years as a Type 0 Negative fan.
Peter died yesterday from apparent heart failure after years
of health issues. I'm very sad, what a damn loss!

RIP Petrus January 4, 1962 – April 14, 2010…

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Deviant Art Thief

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 31, 2010, 7:01 PM

I logged in today and received a message from a great lady.
She informed me that 3 of my images were stolen from dA and
posted on dA. I am not the only person that has been stolen
from, check the page to see if your work is included. I will
contact the people in which I recognize and post a link to
their page. Three cheers to Rogue-Of-The-Night for letting
us know and reporting the fraud!

This is just a sample of the stolen work. You can see if your work
has been posted while visiting this

:iconscaryjesus: -…
:iconconzpiracy: -…
:iconrockabilly79: -…

UPDATE: Thanks to the wonderful staffers here at dA, the stolen work
has been removed. It seems as though the account has been removed as
well, how wonderful is that? As for April Fool's day, well, I'm staying
under the radar. I can't stand this blasted day or Twilight for that matter.
Thanks for the av change huh huh.


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Dear Censorship

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 20, 2010, 8:24 AM
... you're dumb and your mom smells.

(a childish biotchh as well)

:finger: Suck it


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Another Corporate Holiday

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2010, 11:01 PM

Call me a stick in the mud but I think this is a joke. Another
corporate holiday to make to world feel obligated to spend their
funds of crap! Another holiday that has been so twisted by the media,
shit filled companies and ignorant followers. I say ignorant because
the majority don't understand what the day signifies. If you do know
and you still choose to participate, ok.

I know of a few people that have gone in debt over jewelry, big dates,
weddings and all that jazz. My question is this, why? Why just show
that you care on some random reject holiday that is being celebrated
for the wrong reasons? Don't get me wrong, I like seeing other people
happy, in love and enjoying life but why make it a one day only kind
of thing? My friend will be burying her husband on this day, also a
good friend. This so called holiday is making her feel even worse
than she should, so I say FUCK Valentines Day.

Ha Ha -…

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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 11:49 AM

Merry Chrismahanakwanzamas Everyone

Get stuff. Eat Stuff. Tear stuff

:drunk: Happy New Year



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Last Exhibit Of The Year

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2009, 2:21 PM

"Island of Misfit Art"
Due West Professional Building
1160 Gallatin Pike Madison, TN
3rd Floor 6-10pm

Be there or be square. More shows starting in March of 2010
unless an unexpected change. Also, I am still showing at Studio 83
if anyone attends the art crawl on Saturdays. Studio 83 -

See the rest of you next year, Happy HanuKwanzaMas Everyone!


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Studio 83 and Exclusive Stock

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 12:15 AM

Again I am honored to show at Daniel Hawks Studio
once again. I was invited back for January as well.
Since I have gotten an overwhelming response from
the town in which I stay I will continue. If you
want to be shown in galleries/studios please by all
means send me your images! I have several scene images
but I am running out of models. I always boost and brag
about each model and resource, how can I not? I consider
each image I do a "seamless collage". If you want to send me
model images to work on and receive free files please email
me with your high res image. Clean backgrounds are the absolute
best! I will have to fax you or email you a model release form.
If you want to participate I would be very grateful, I don't
care to work with livemodels unless we are in the same town,
I get flustered - some of you know this because you hang out
with me and family.

THANK YOU to everyone who has comments, spoofed, messaged or
simpaly credited. I am in awe over everything and can not believe
how well you take to me and my fucked up way of thinking. I have
been MIA for a while but luckily it has ben for productive
reasons. Please feel free to use any of my stock at amptone-stock
please let me know if you use my face on cds, posters, covers etc.
You are welcome to but I don't like surprises! I should be releasing
exclusive stock packs when I receive questions. I am taking a
poll here and only here of what you want most. Happy Holidays
lovely and unlovely people.. lovely - psht!

Stock packs will start at $3.oo per 9 images all are commercial
use, non-restricted, no link or credit necessary.

Side Note:

If you have not seen Angels and Demons I STRONGLY urge you to
buy the book before you watch the movie. Tom and Ron paid
amazing tributes to the story but seriously, watch or read!
Dan Brown is the man I LOVE TOM HANKS, fuck you if you don't,
no offense.


:heart: Ash

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Twentieth Century Poster Font

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2009, 5:34 PM

Does anyone have the Twentieth Century Poster Font
and if so are they willing to share it? I have a friend
who wants it and the links I had have been removed. It's
not an easy font to come by. Thank you darlings!


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Busy As Hell

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2009, 2:42 AM

I am so busy right now between moving, catching up
on work and having shows. Wow, who would have thought
someone would complain about having good things going
on, leave it to me I suppose. I can't wait to start
working on what I want to work on, commission is great
but wow, I am tired. I'm not going to be on much for a
while so sorry about all of the messages! I just cleared
out over 600 - I feel bad about it but I can't read them
all and I love mail. I just had a showing on Friday and
it was so much fun it was unreal. I've never talked so much
in my entire life - the day after I barely spoke two words.
Well, maybe 10, who is counting right? I'm hoping to be back
soon with work to post!

Take care and be well.

:heart: Ash

Check Out Ecclesiastes 12:7 by LLJohnson
Thank you, so flattering and such great work!



I support the following groups:


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BUTFF (Film Festival) Press Release

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2009, 1:17 AM
If You Are In The Are In The Area ...

Press Release August 20th 2009

Announcement of the BUT Film Festival 2009 program.

BUTFF by ashsivils

Thursday the 27th  of August the line up of the BUT Film Festival 2009 will be released. The festival, held from the 9th until the 13th of September will screen a wide variety of films from the B-movie, Underground and Trash genre. Ranging from the World premiere of the underground-horror film ‘The Tourist’ to fantastic classics like ‘Hairspray’ (1988) by John Waters (USA) the main guest on this year’s festival. Additional to the films the program holds a lot of entertainment and art. Activities, astonishing performances and an art show in character with the event.

To set the tone many international guests will be present at the festival, such as Andrey Iskanov (Russia) underground-director of ‘The Tourist’,  Reinert Kiil (Norway) director of ‘Hora’ and the lead actress Isabel Vibe,  Julia Ostertag (Germany) director of  ‘Saila’, Fred Vogel & Scott Swan (USA) from 'Maskhead', Joshua von Brown (USA) director of ‘Altamond now’  and many others.

The festival kick-off on Wednesday 09-09-09 starts with the B-movie ‘Modern love is automatic’. The American director Zach Clark will attend the BUT Film Festival to present his film personally. He will be accompanied by the lead actress Melodie Sisk. In the film her character Lorraine is a daytime nurse and a dominatrix during the night.

On Friday afternoon there will be a screening of short films in Electron.  The films are made by students of the St. Joost art academy. Subsequently film history teacher Jan Salden will give a lecture on the American director John Waters. New this year is and open air screening of a BUT-film on Thursday and Friday night in the
Valkenberg City Park situated between the train station and the city
centre. The film will be accessible for the public free of charge.

Friday night will be a blood stricken night as the Aestectic Meat Front gives an exceptional performance. On the BUT-stage in Electron, this German/American music act  will perform rituals not suited for sensitive eyes. A very special Saturday night with an on stage interview with John Waters. Phil van Tongeren will question Waters
on his work and his future planning. Van Tongeren is the director of the IMAGINE film festival,film reporter and founder of the ‘Schokkend Nieuws’ (Shocking News) magazine.

Subsequently John Waters will give a signing session and that night also the winner of the But-Award for best BUT film and best BUT short will be presented. The early bird can catch a BUT breakfast film on the last day of the festival. As on the other days ‘Monster’ art show on the festival location with photographs by Ash Sivils (USA) and suspended sculptures and films by local underground filmmaker Jaap de Vries (NL). Especially for children from the age of  8 through 80, Rick Vuur will tell tales with suspense on Sunday afternoon in the Griezeltrailer. (Creepy Trailer)

The BUT Film Festival is held from  September  9th  through 13th  in Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda, in the Netherlands. Additional information on the festival and the program is available on the website

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Art Thieves and Plagiarism

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2009, 10:54 PM

Shepard Fairey is upset by Andre The Giant Image
"repurposed." Hypocrisy at it's finest !!!

Obey My Lawyers -…

I have noticed the huge response that Shepard Fairey
has received on the well known Obama Hope, Change and
Progress images. Has anyone wondered where he got the
image, does anyone realize that he stole it or as he
so lightly put it "found it on Google". The image was
taken and used without any consent from the company he
ripped it from. He does not deny this in any way.

The "artist" Shepard Fairey is also know as the Obey
clothing artist. He has ripped and stolen many of those
images as well. I am very very tired of seeing artists here
praise him and his supposed work. If stealing, plagiarism
and copyright infringement is acceptable I would like
to hear no works when you are ripped off! People such
as Fairey should be stopped from this abomination,
the art world as we know it is in deep trouble if
this type of behavior continues and is supported!

Fairey Arrested In Boston -…

AP Accuses Fairey -…

Obey Plagiarist -…

Phony Shepard Fairey -…

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